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Dr. Allan Bacon, DDS, NASM-CPT, USAPLCC, PN1

Dr. Allan Bacon, DDS, NASM-CPT, USAPLCC, PN1

Iron Forged


Dr. Allan Bacon holds a Doctorate in Dental Surgery from the University of Maryland. He is a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, a certified nutrition coach, dedicated nutrition consultant for American Muscle Weightlifting, a USA Powerlifting coach, and has formulated professionally for industry-leading dietary supplement companies for over a decade.

Through the use of personalized fitness and nutrition programming, he specializes in helping working adults master their physique and performance. Dr. Bacon coaches athletes and busy professionals in both nutrition and weight training, from the average Joe to Arnold Classic competitors to American record holding weightlifters. In his free time, Dr. Bacon enjoys outdoor activities, EDC, photography, sports, hanging out with his wife and dog, bodybuilding, powerlifting, and reading.

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