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Brian P.

In September I decided that I was ready to make a change, because all I was doing was working out to try and outpace a bad diet. I knew that if I wanted to get healthy to look and feel better I was going to need help. I could not eat just eggs, chicken breast and broccoli. There had to be more to life! I wanted to create the physique I have always wanted without a crash or fad diet. I didn’t want to juice or eat bars or drink shakes. I wanted a sustainable diet that not only changed my body but changed my relationship with food. Maui Athletics has provided me the tools to be successful by giving me a realistic diet plan that was science based and not only would provide me with weight loss but help me gain muscle to achieve the physique I was looking for. I was able to get use to a meal plan without being hungry but at the same time lose weight and build muscle while staying full on foods that I enjoyed. These were not quick changes. They were habit forming changes. As I have now hit the one year mark and have seen amazing changes to my body I am so thankful to Maui athletics for all they have done, but my work has not ended. I continue to adjust my goals and work to better myself and continue to improve my relationship with food. Thanks Maui Athletics!

Samantha W.

My journey with Allan has been life changing. At the age of 50 I can be a bit skeptical about people, places and things! If you are on the fence about how to approach your health needs especially in regards to losing weight I can promise you that Maui Athletics is the place for you! I was successful with my journey in losing weight but more importantly I learned so much about myself as an individual. I CHALLENGE you to put your trust in won't be disappointed but you will be surprised at what you learn about yourself. Do not wait another minute to give to yourself what you need and deserve.

Thank you for everything! For the ones after me in this journey....Trust the process and trust Maui Athletics.

Michelle M.

Michelle came to Maui Athletics wanting to get in better shape and to be able to pass her Army Combat Fitness Test. She had always had difficulty due to food restrictions from allergies, but even while following her vegan lifestyle she's made it work! She's lost 13.5" off her mid-section measurements so far and is the strongest she's ever been.

"My experience has been very positive with Maui Athletics. I'm in the best shape of my life and stronger too! Dr. Allan is a very supportive coach, and I feel that he works around my limitations with respect to access to equipment and such. The video link tutorials are great and really helpful to have them embedded in the workout program."

Barkley S.

Barkley came to Maui Athletics with the goals of losing fat, improving performance, and to live a healthier life...all as a change for his upcoming wedding.

Over 6 months he lost 35lbs, added muscle, and developed his strength and endurance!

"Working with the Maui Athletics team has been one of the easiest and most impactful changes I've made to improve my health. Before working with Allan, I exercised often but wasn't quite seeing the progress and results I wanted. I found Maui Athletics just by chance (through their Facebook group page, highly recommended) and figured I would give it a try since the feedback and testimonials from the clients and athletes they work with are entirely positive. The changes in my body composition were almost immediate once I established my regimen with M.A.

I didn't have to avoid ANY foods and the gym regimen was easy to follow and highly detailed. I learned very quickly how much I really needed to eat to be satisfied and I have never gone hungry with their custom meal plans, in fact, I'm usually quite full. The support and access to the coaching is a huge plus as well. Have a big weekend coming up and need some advice on how to manage your food?  Talk to Maui Athletics. Want to include a new food in your meal plan? Talk to Maui Athletics. This program helped me establish a foundation for how I should be treating my body and how it should actually be functioning on the day-to-day. I wish I could advocate for Allan and Beth more than I already am, if you want to work with a team that will treat you as a human individual, reach out to them and get to work!"

Victoria A.


Brittany M.

I decided to join Maui Athletics 3 months post-partum, after having my first baby. I knew it was going to be harder for me to lose weight, now more than ever, due to all the changes my body had went through. I needed a good kick in the butt to get the extra weight I gained from my pregnancy off, and I wanted a normal lifestyle diet. I’ve never been a fan of fad diets and I knew Allan was the coach for me! He was so insightful and gave me everything I needed from health and nutrition to fitness regimens. I was able to still eat the things I enjoy (within moderation), gain some muscle back and feel the best I had felt in a long time! I was dedicated and determined to get this weight off and to get back to me again. It was not easy, I had to work really hard and some days were tough. I had days where I wasn’t super motivated, but I still stayed the course, ate the food and did the workout. I was dedicated and knew that this was something that was going to not only change my physical appearance, but also my mindset. Which is so important! I actually look better post baby, than pre baby! I am so freakin stoked. If you want to eat good food, be inspired and motivated by amazing coaches, look and feel your best, then Maui Athletics is for you!

Michael R.

Michael dropped 45lbs and 26" off his mid-section measurements in 7 months.

"Honestly don't know where to start. The fat loss/physique program that I was on did so much more than help me lose weight than anything I've tried before. This program opened my eyes to so many myths in the fitness world that I believed in and showed me that making progress isn't all that complicated. I have purchased coaching programs in the past that worked for a short amount of time but only gave me one static diet to follow that was impossible to sustain over a meaningful amount of time. Allan's program provided me with varieties of food and alternatives for my proteins, carbs, and fats that I could swap out any day I felt necessary. It was a realistic program that provided me with results greater than my expectations. I got the physique I wanted and the knowledge and drive necessary to continue on my fitness journey even after the program. Looking back at where I began gives me confidence in knowing that I can make change and I can achieve my goals without falling for overpriced and often useless supplements or extreme programs.

Allan and Beth are great people who take time out of their day to provide proven research-backed information and hand it out for free. They fight back against all of the myths you see spread across the internet and social media to really help people out. Their genuine care for fitness and lack of aggressive advertising is what made me take the plunge and start a program with them in the first place. It is truly the best thing I have done in such a long time and I am truly grateful for having experienced it."

James S.

"After a long lapse in keeping up with my fitness and nutrition, I was ready to make a real concrete change in my life. My first step was to re-join a gym where I would arrive without a plan and just make things up as I went. Other than adding protein shakes, my nutrition didn't change at all. After a few wasted months on my own I signed up with Maui Athletics for nutrition consulting and personal training. There is no standard 'cookie-cutter' template used for everyone. Dr. Bacon had me identify my fitness goals and together we tailored a program that fit my needs and gave me an overall strength and aesthetic plan that was very effective. When I arrived at the gym, I knew exactly what I would be doing and how to do it. The nutrition plan offered good quality meals that left me feeling fueled for my workouts and provided the proper nutrients to effectively gain muscle while still losing fat. Maui Athletics was there to answer all of my questions whether they be about the science behind my macro breakdown or how to properly perform an exercise movement. Both fitness and nutrition plans are personal and ever evolving based on my body's response to each. If something isn't working, he is quick to make the necessary adjustments to keep progressing. Joining Maui Athletics has been one of the best things I have done for my health and I am so pleased with the results."

Anthony J.

"I wanted to say thank you for everything you've done for me. Giving out information and citing research to help others in their fitness goals is amazing. I've taken everything you showed me to fruition. I have had a healthier understanding of myself and the gym, pushed through a nasty injury. Overall I am sustained and continuing to surpass old records. And I love repping that Maui Athletics wear!"

Ryan M.

Lost 13" off his mid-section!

“The Maui Athletics team are two of the most helpful, knowledgable people I know in this world. Having them available to you is basically like having two great new friends who just happen to know a ton about nutrition and fitness, maybe enough to call it an obsession. Paying these guys for their knowledge is a worthwhile expenditure.

Worth every penny not just for the plans, but for the ability to reach out and get help with your questions seemingly any time. 6 out of 5 stars, would sign up twice at the same time if I could.”

Meredith S.

Following a pescatarian plan she requested, Meredith lost 10lbs and 6.5" off her mid-section in only 2 months!

Jordan S.

"Being coached by Maui Athletics has really polished things up and taken my diet and training to a new level. Definitely looking forward to future progress…Allan has helped me see through all the BS, fad diets, and Instagram training methods out there. Thank you Maui Athletics!  Yeaaahhh buddy!"

Charles G.

Charles has added 20lbs to his frame in 8 months and is still growing!

"I would just like to show my appreciation for the great Allan Bacon as without his guidance and knowledge I would not have the body I do today. I get compliments everywhere I go now and I am achieving my goals like never before!!!! Keep grinding people. It is all part of the journey. I am just getting started!!!"

Kelly C.

Kelly lost nearly 20lbs (7" off her waist alone) over 3 months to get ready for her wedding!


  • Starving herself
  • Giving up her favorite foods.
  • Avoiding special celebrations like her 5-day bachelorette cruise!
Jeff A.

Before : During and still working

24 week build.

Sara M.

Before : During and still working

Down over 20lbs and 14" off her mid-section.

Matt H.

Even with a busy traveling lifestyle (on the road every work week away from home), Matt is achieving his goal of adding size and strength.

“Honestly when I first started I thought I wasn't going to learn much, I thought I pretty much knew a lot of the stuff that I would be doing and going through. I thought I would have a good handle on things and could easily handle the lifestyle adjustments. Boy was I wrong. However Dr. Allan’s guidance, willingness to share knowledge, and not just tell people what they want to hear but being willing to speak "hard truths" helped me get comfortable and start seeing improvements. He gives out plenty of easy to read infographics and other documents to help people initially (although it is a lot to sort through and learn off the bat, it makes a huge difference in the long run). Allan stays accessible and the regular check-ins and adjustments are probably the most helpful things out of the entire program!”

Randall P.


Lost 18" off his mid-section!

Krysta M.

One of my goals was to give myself the tools to be the best version of myself, one area being fitness. First step was working with Maui Athletics on weightlifting and nutrition. Hiring Maui Athletics for my nutrition has been the best thing for me! Of course they have helped in the nutrition department but mentally as well. Nutrition is more than what you put in your mouth, it’s also understanding our bodies and what is good for it. How NOT to drastically cut calories and do hours of cardio. Why? Because you don’t need to! Also that the number on the scale doesn’t always reflect what’s going on. At times, my weight only went down .5 lbs but clearly more has been going on. I’ve been seeing more definition and overall feeling leaner in my clothes. The old me would have said “But the scale didn’t drop as much as I wanted, so let’s cut more cals”. The new me knows this is still a sign of progress and to just keep chipping away! I cannot thank Maui Athletics enough! ❤️❤️

Clayton N.

Down 50lbs, 16 inches off his mid-section, and still going!

Sean W.

Sean came to Maui Athletics asking to get in shape for his wedding. He wanted to lose some body fat for the event and he did an incredible job!

Sean lost 43lbs.

"A year before I was due to get married, I knew I needed a change. I was working in the gym, but not seeing the results I wanted, demotivated, I wanted help from someone with the knowledge and experience to get the best out of me. I spoke to several coaches who all promised me completely impossible results in a completely unachievable time frame. Ready to give up, I was browsing social media and saw Dr. Bacon post an article from his website, Maui Athletics, in a mutual group that made no sense to me at all, it went against everything I’d ever been told. Intrigued and eager to reassure myself that it was just more ‘bro science’ on the internet; I read the article and was presented with a clear and logical discourse accompanied by a formidable amount of science and research, to the point where I had to admit he clearly knew what he was talking about.

At that moment my mind was made up, I emailed Dr. Bacon that same day and nothing has been the same since. After analyzing my current diet and workout plan, Dr. Bacon took the parts that worked best and created a system that allowed me to push myself to achieve my goals. So many unnecessary exercises/supplements were removed from my old habits that I now actually save time and money by training with Dr. Bacon, yet I’m fitter and leaner than ever!

After losing 43 lbs and 8 inches off my abdomen so far, I can safely say I’m in the best shape of my life. The best thing about it is that it wasn’t done by eating nothing but steamed vegetables, or endless hours of being on a treadmill. Dr. Bacon creates plans using the foods you already eat and enjoy, and the exercises that achieve the goals you create together. If I was ever feeling unsure about something, wanted to alter my nutrition, or needed some guidance on an exercise I had an answer within minutes. Every exercise has a tutorial, and every plan a wealth of scientific information to back it up.

Thanks to Dr. Bacon I don’t just understand what I do, I understand why I’m doing it. An investment in yourself is the best investment you can make, and Dr. Bacon is the best self-investment you will find."

Scott H.

Big shoutout to my online client Scott for making big changes this year in prep for his marriage. He dropped 10" off his mid-section!

Scott wanted to make a big change moving into his 50s and has handled it extremely well. This goes to show that the best time to improve your life is now.

Jess G.

Jess signed up wanting to gain some lean muscle, strength, and get back into shape. She wanted to be stronger, not necessarily lose weight. During a 3 month "recomposition" phase. She went from 125lbs to 132lbs, but lost significant amounts of fat (as evidenced in her pictures) and gained a ton of strength!

"After a horrific accident left my son paralyzed in early 2019, and due to injury complications, I lost my son in mid 2020. For nearly a decade prior, I was a competitive weightlifter, owned a CrossFit and Weightlifting gym, and I own a software development firm. I had a solid grip on my life but I was thrown into a place I couldn’t control (not my wheelhouse). My world crumbled! I lost nearly 30# during this time, and couldn't figure out how to get myself together.

I tried over and over to hold myself accountable and kept failing. I knew I needed to do a much better job taking care of myself but I couldn't figure out how...
I have followed Maui Athletics for a number of years and just love their approach. I pulled the trigger and decided to hire Beth to do a meal plan for me. The goal was to just follow a plan that didn’t require me to think.

I wanted to put back on some weight and, in time, gain some of my strength back.
Beth has an incredible heart - even though I did remote coaching with Maui Athletics, her feedback was personal, warm and flexible.

They’ve given me back something I didn’t know was possible - I’m starting to gain a sense of self again. Working out doesn’t feel overwhelming, it’s starting to be beneficial again instead of taxing. I'm so grateful Maui Athletics was willing to take on the mess I was... I will never be able to repay them for their intelligence, grace and care!!!"

Lori F.

Lori lost 13lbs and 14 inches off her mid-section measurements, all while working on strength in the process!

“Consider me a huge fan of Maui Athletics. I’ve been working with Dr. Bacon for over a year, and in that time, have lost about 13#s and many inches! Dr. B is responsive to questions, super knowledgeable, and also provides the periodic encouragement I need. This is a process, taking commitment, consistency, and intent, and having an experienced guide through-out who provides encouragement, feedback, and accountability makes your chance of success much higher. I highly recommend these folks!”

Dave M.

Dave came to Maui Athletics as a competitive triathlete wanting to lose some weight (but not strength or endurance) to increase his proficiency in his races. Over 4 months, Dave lost 18lbs, 9 inches off his midsection measurements, and increased his performance!

"Working with Allan and Maui Athletics has been an absolute pleasure. My wife had been working with Allan for just over a year and after seeing the consistent results she achieved I wanted to get in on the action. I was not happy with what I was seeing in the mirror and I wasn’t happy with my training performance. Allan took the time to listen to what my goals were both in terms of aesthetics and that I was training to compete in an ironman and wanted to gear my nutrition towards performance. Week by week he would take a look at where we were and continue to make adjustments. Within the first month we had a comprehensive nutrition plan that was propelling me towards not only achieving my goals but far surpassing them. When we had our consultation I remember telling Allan that I didn’t think having abs was a possibility, 4 months later and it is no longer a question of if, but when they will start showing. On top of that I am in an optimal performance zone and powering towards my race. Another thing I have really enjoyed about working with Allan is that the way he structures the plan allows for me to still be creative in the kitchen. As someone who loves to cook, once I understood all of the guidelines to follow, I really enjoyed seeing what kind of dishes I could come up with the items listed in meal. It’s amazing how many different types of tacos one can come up with! He also completely customizes the plans to fit things in that you like and want to eat. I have never worked with someone who is so quick to reply to emails! I wanted to add Kodiak Cakes oatmeal to my plan and within minutes, it seemed, he had worked out the exact amount that would fit in the plan and had it back to me. Having that kind of support doesn’t make it seem restrictive and truly helps you understand that it is about developing a lifestyle and fitting the things that you want into that lifestyle. His quick responses and attention to detail show how much he believes in what he does and that carries over to how dedicated he is in supporting his clients in making the physical and lifestyle changes they are after."

Josh H.

Josh signed up with Maui Athletics hoping to lose body fat, get stronger, and work on habits that can keep the weight off. Over the course of 8 months he lost 27bs of fat and a combined 17" off his midsection measurements!

Meagan H.

I had been struggling with my weight for about six years before I became a client of Dr. Allan’s. Prior to working with him, I had tried to lose weight on my own several times but I always gave up because I just wasn’t sure I was eating the right things, or doing the appropriate workouts. I was stuck in a vicious cycle of attempting to lose weight, failing, and then suppressing the feelings that accompany failure with comfort food. The result was that
I gained even more weight.

Dr. Allan broke that cycle and he made it easy for me, all I had to do was follow his plan! He gave me all the information I needed so I knew not only what to do but also WHY I was doing it. He made sure I started with realistic expectations and a desire to make lasting changes to my nutrition and lifestyle. I really appreciated how direct and honest Dr. Allan was when I did slip up on my nutrition, and even when what he had to say was tough to hear, I never felt judged. He kept me on track and made me feel supported while encouraging me to keep making progress.

With Dr. Allan’s guidance and support I am now 22lbs down and I have the confidence and knowledge I need to keep losing the weight on my own. I’m so incredibly grateful to Dr. Allan and I would recommend him to anyone, any day, anytime.

Mike M.

Mike's goals were to get stronger and to be more fit to improve his active lifestyle. In 5 months, Mike lost 11.5 inches off his mid-section!

Laura C.

4 month transformation - 12lbs weight loss and 14" off midsection measurements

“I made the hard decision to get my health back. I didn’t know how to make the right choices for the best me. I counted calories for about a month before finding Maui Athletics. Dr. Allan helped me avoid the inevitable hangry episodes by choosing nourishing food. The nutrition plan was well thought out and easy to follow, with just enough freedom. Allan was very responsive and helpful 7 days a week. He has a true passion to help improve the health and lives of his clients. My energy level sky rocketed on the diet and I went from a size 12 jean to my size 4 college jeans in only 4 months. Allan has taught me so much. I couldn’t have done this without Allan and Maui Athletics.”

Jeff S.

Jeff lost 14lbs and 13" off his midsection!

Josh M.

For years I struggled to achieve the fitness goals I had, trying every kind of diet and workout plan I could find online without success. I’d struggled to lose fat on a cut, and whenever I tried to bulk I’d never put on as much muscle as I wanted. After a month with Dr. Bacon, the difference was immediately apparent. I’ve been training with him for a while now, and love the progress I’ve made. The biweekly check-ins are particularly helpful- they keep me motivated and ready for the next couple weeks!

Mike D.

Over a period of 4 months Mike lost 25lbs on the scale all while packing on muscle and getting stronger (check out those shoulders, chest, triceps, and traps gains!)

Tim K.

Bottom Line Up Front: Without reservation I recommend Maui Athletics to anyone looking for results. I lost 18 pounds and 5 inches off my waistline.

Responsive Coach - His instructions are simple and easy to follow. He is responsive, he responds to Email and the Maui Athletics client portal posts in a timely manner, usually within a few hours. He answers the mail every day of the week.
Positive Motivation - He has been with me every step with encouragement and a great attitude. He looks for things that are going well and capitalizes on these opportunities for positive reinforcement.
Technical Knowledge - His breadth of technical knowledge is astounding. He routinely finds new things to teach me.

You may absolutely rely on anything Dr. Bacon says about nutrition and developing healthy habits.

Mychal S.

M.S. is down nearly 50lbs and 17 inches off his mid-section measurements in 6 months!

Renee S.

If you put in the work, they will get you there. I trust my coach wholeheartedly. I appreciate their willingness to constantly work with you no matter what obstacles come about during the process. They take the time to listen to your wants, needs, and goals. It wasn’t until I started working with Maui Athletics that I was able to truly understand just how many calories I should be consuming to reach my goals. What I love most about Maui Athletics is their honesty and no BS attitude. My coach gives it to me straight and that’s what you want in a coach.

Thank you for all your help!

Jess L.

My first ever 12 week fat loss cut is complete! I can honestly say that I am so happy with my results! It seemed impossible on Day 0 to get here. Day 0 I was completely disgusted with myself. I hated looking in the mirror. A lot of self hatred circled around my physical body & my weight gain from winter time. It was not a weight I was comfortable with being or staying. And I knew it could easily get out of control if I didn't act quickly. THANK YOU for showing me the light and for giving me such invaluable life long information that I can take with me and pass along spreading the message of health.

The first few days were very hard. I cried a lot those days. I was truly pushed to my limits contemplating how hard I was willing to fight to regain control in my life. I remember my Maui Athletics coaches telling me that everyone struggles the most in the first two weeks but to not give up and to trust the plan and I would start seeing changes. Now, I have created a balanced, healthy relationship, between myself and food. I enjoy eating meals now. My taste buds did change!

I have energy I never had before. I feel so much better overall. When you start seeing changes, you realize there’s so much more to this journey than a number on a scale.

Thank you Beth and Allan for your incredible knowledge, patience, and guidance. You are such great people and I’m so lucky to have been able to work with you and I look forward to more fat loss cuts with you in the future! Like recovery always taught me... you must be willing to do whatever it takes, to be successful in any given element in your life.

Angela K.

The principles of shared decision making, patient-centered care, and evidence based practice are highly emphasized within the health care community. As a healthcare provider myself, I find it a priority to uphold these principles. Although Maui Athletics is not your "traditional" health care organization, it is the best "care of health" I have ever invested in. I have been working with Dr. Allan Bacon for 13 months and over that time, I have expanded my knowledge base and improved my relationship with food tremendously. Maui Athletics educates, supports, applauds, and works in cooperation to build a foundation for continued success. I have experienced improvements in my health and well being, endurance, stamina, and self confidence. I whole heartedly recommend Dr. Bacon and Coach Beth.

Christie J.

This year, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and try Crossfit and Olympic lifting after years of bodybuilding. I soon learned that these movements are HARD, really HARD and that I had no idea what I was doing. Things like cleans, snatches, overhead squats, etc. were uncomfortable and painful for me. So, I knew that I needed to learn these lifts to avoid injury and continue having longevity in the wonderful world of weight lifting. Because, man do I love lifting. I was a little scared to start something new…to be a beginner again. Hiring the right Coach is important. I do my research, observe, and pay attention. It can be overwhelming when picking a Coach these days. Here is where Maui Athletics comes in. I have been following Beth and her clients for several years now. I knew that she was the one I would hire to coach me through these lifts. If you think hiring an online coach wouldn’t work, you could not be more wrong. Maui Athletics has an amazing way of coaching people from all levels. They are able to take me, a beginner at age 40, and break down movements in an easy, understandable way. I have already progressed in just a couple weeks due to their individualized way of coaching. They understands how to meet clients where they are in the process. I have to say, I have fallen in love with the iron again. I am having so much fun learning these lifts. I no longer experience discomfort or pain. I am focusing on different cues every week. And I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon!

Tyler M.

Before:After - 6 week transformation

I decided that I was ready to make a change, because all I was doing was working out to try and outpace a crap diet and I knew diet way key and my biggest struggle. I wanted a sustainable diet that not only changed my body but changed my relationship with food. Maui Athletics has provided me the tools to be successful by giving me a realistic diet plan that was science based and not only would provide me with weight loss but help me gain muscle to achieve the physique I was looking for. These were not quick changes by any means. They were habit forming changes. Just in a short time, I have seen amazing results and looking forward to see all of the amazing changes to come! I’m thankful for Maui athletics for all they have done, but my work has not ended. I continue to adjust my goals and work to better myself and continue to improve in the gym and with my meal plans. You get what you put into it and nothing comes easy without putting in the work. Maui athletics has been a life changer for me and I am now the best version of myself then I’ve ever been. Thanks Maui Athletics!

Jaime E.

I was one who always thought why would you ever hire a remote coach what a waste of money, There's no way they will be able to help you with your goals, I mean they aren't even there in person to critique or correct you. Boy was I wrong, after having another remote coach who changed my entire lifting style for a year I was ready to quit and throw in the towel. I was ignored with my email questions not to mention bored with my lifting. That's when I found the Coaches at Maui Athletics. I have been with my coach for almost 2 years now and it has been the most amazing 2 years of my life so far. They asked what my goals were and I told them what style of lifting I enjoyed doing and they began programming. I was shocked when I saw my very first program, they told me to send several videos from different angles of my lifting, (something the other coach never did) while I had lifts I knew, I also had things programmed that I was thinking to myself you want me to do what, this is so easy why would I even do this, what is the point? Even though I thought it was weird I knew there was reasoning for it and after doing the movements it wasn't as easy as I thought it was lol. I would send my videos after every lifting day and within a few days they would respond with their critique, it wasn't just ohhh you did this wrong, you need to do this, they analyzed it step by step and showed me where my faults were and what I needed to do to correct it. At times I got so frustrated that I wanted to quit because I just couldn't get some movements to click, but they wouldn't let me, they even had said they were not taking this movement out you will get it. I could go on and on about how amazing they are, so I will just say this. I am 41 years old and Maui Athletics has me doing things I WOULD have never thought I could do like handstand walks or bar muscle ups with assistance but that unassisted is not to far away and my ultimate goal is to get that ring muscle up and while I still have work there, I am so much closer and stronger then I was 2 years ago.

My Maui Athletics coaches are truly genuine and caring people who care about you achieving your goals who I also consider friends too.

Darlene L.

D.L. lost 16lbs and 17.5 inches off her mid-section measurements in just 4 months!

"I signed up for the Maui Athletics training/diet plan at the advice of a friend who experienced great results. I was skeptical of an online experience at first, but after only a couple of days using the plan with Dr. Allan, I knew it was the right decision! The plan is easy to follow, straightforward and realistic. It is something that I can stick to long term. I felt better and saw results within just the first couple of weeks! Allan is a thoughtful, positive coach and mentor. He is quick to spot areas that need improvement, but also quick to offer praise and encouragement. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to lose weight, get stronger and feel better. Thanks Maui family!"

Jillian D.

I have tremendous gratitude for being introduced to Maui Athletics. I have worked with many online trainers over the past 15 years, and never have I experienced the results, nor the personalized support that I have received from working with Allan and Beth. I appreciate the tailored, science-backed approach they use with their clients. I also appreciate the fact that they have my whole well being in mind when creating my program and that they are helping me create habits that will allow me to sustain my results long term. They also factor in my lifestyle and travel schedule to help me create an environment where I can be successful. They are empathetic, yet give me the tough love I need to hear to help me move closer toward my goals. I feel comfortable asking questions, knowing that I will receive well-thought answers, no matter how many questions I have. I am so incredibly excited about the changes in my body, but even more so in how I feel physically and mentally. I look and feel better today than I did prior to having kids, and I am able to keep up with my kids’ active lifestyle so much better. It has been an awesome journey thus far and I know the best is yet to come!

Adam W. (Arnold Classic Competitor)

I’ve been participating in the sports of Wrestling, CrossFit, and Weightlifting for a combined 15+ years, while also coaching CrossFit and Weightlifting for a combined 8+ years. Recently discovering Maui Athletics, I have yet to find a better system of getting Actual Results of losing weight, gaining muscle, and optimizing performance. MA is completely personal with tailored individual programs to your dietary needs, based on your activity, your goals, and your specific needs. This program does require effort on your end to adhere, but you will need that if you have any desire to reach your goals. If you’re 90-100% committed to what you say you are, then there is no doubt in my mind that you will see results with Maui Athletics. Consultants are extremely responsive to whatever questions you may have, Accountability is a given here, and Personalization will be continually made until the plan meets sustainability, the efficacy needed, and ultimately the results desired. Whether it be for sport, fat loss, or general wellness, Maui Athletics will always be my first and sole recommendation for training services.

Ariana D.

I have been working with Maui Athletics since the establishment of their company, and I have to say that I’m extremely grateful for doing so. Beth and Allan know how to identify their resources and are excellent in their approach with clients. Being a competitive weightlifter, I have had to cut and/or maintain weight for many meets in my sport and Maui Athletics has been there the entire time with me. They constantly check in on how I’m doing, and if I’m not at a high compliance they will go over where I’m lacking in a sympathetic manner. I recommend Maui Athletics to anyone who has goals regardless of what they’re for: weddings, weight loss, sports, health, etc… because not only will they give you direct guidance for reaching those goals-they will work towards a maintenance plan for you so you don’t need them long-term.

Amy F.

My son and I were both clients, we had very different goals and different journeys. Maui Athletics more than met our needs to focus us on our goals. My nutrition journey has been a lifelong one for me, Maui Athletics guided me to finally learning how food is about fueling my body, my energy, but NOT fueling my soul. They asked questions and guided me into thinking of alternatives to emotional eating and channeling those feelings into other activities. The changes in my body and weight were great benefits, but the way I feel was more than worth anything else.

My son is a college student who has been an athlete for years; he was guided in fitness and nutrition. He was able to send videos of his form to get feedback and even had the opportunity to meet Dr. Bacon for a workout session. He has not stopped talking about the improvements in his form and stability. He always had discomfort with his squat, but slight adjustments were made over email after a video and he hasn’t stopped talking about how much it has improved. He has also had the opportunity to experience the benefits of nutrition and how it can give him more energy or even wipe it.

We both highly recommend Maui Athletics to anyone looking for change, needing support, education, and guidance; you will get two highly educated, supportive coaches.

Tammi R.

The best investment I’ve ever made in myself! Even at 63 years old my coach helped me to lose 40 pounds and feel better than I ever have in my life. I used to suffer from bad knee pain, but this has completely changed my life. I will always recommend Maui Athletics to my friends.

Thanks Maui Athletics!

Sue T.

I have been working with Maui Athletics now for almost 3 years. They have helped and guided me through weight loss, maintenance and build phases. And most importantly they take an interest in your health.

My coach is always available for any questions and plan changes I’ve needed and so very forthcoming with knowledge. They are the real deal! Working with Maui Athletics will be the best thing you can do for yourself.

Renee L.

Lost over 25lbs and 20" off mid-section measurements!

Josh T.

Before working with Maui Athletics I struggled to build strength and gain weight. I tried going from one meal plan to another and nothing ever seemed to work. From day one until now my experience has been mind blowing from the day to day process to the biweekly check-ins I couldn't ask for anything more. The process for me is tough, as it is for anyone that is trying to bulk, but the support and advice I have received has been nothing short of amazing. From day one I went through an extensive bulk phase and the last four weeks I have been on a mini cut. I have put on scale weight but that is the smallest gain I have made. I have put on an impressive amount of strength and size that I could not be more proud of. They make you feel like you're more than just "another client". They care, are honest and passionate not just about what they do but what your personal goals are as well. I couldn't be happier and more excited for what is yet to come.

Sarah M.

If you are looking for incredibly thoughtful, personalized, and results-producing coaching, look no further! That sounds like a paid endorsement but it is not. I have been a nutritional and CrossFit/Olympic lifting client at Maui Athletics for over a year. They have coached me through my first ever building phase, followed by a leaning and then maintenance phase. The coaching I have received has fundamentally changed how to approach my diet. I have learned so much about how to fuel my body to achieve my personal strength and physique goals. The best parts: I truly enjoy my meals, I am not depriving myself and my body feels balanced and intune.

In addition, the coaching I've received on olympic lifting movements and overall programming has been fantastic! I appreciate the coaches' depth and breadth of knowledge. When I ask why, they have a good, intellectual answer. They don't just hand you a plan and say 'go do this for 12 weeks'. We exchange videos on a weekly basis where my form on every key movement is critiqued, and I receive personalized feedback on where I need to improve. Their personalized approach, detailed mindset and focus on proper form has kept me as a client.

I turned 40 this year and could not be happier with my physique and strength. I highly recommend Maui Athletics. If you are willing to put in the work, the results are incredible!

Nikki B.

Working with Maui Athletics has been life-changing for me. I have worked with online coaches before and Maui has exceeded my highest expectations. As a recovered eating disorder client, my coach took me through a successful build, a leaning phase and has also guided me through maintenance. By working with Maui, you are not only getting the latest research, they guide you through putting it to use easily in your life. Their nutritional programming and training is designed for you and only you. This client-centered coaching is cutting edge and personal. This is a one of kind opportunity for you to have amazing support to be the best you can be.

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