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Maui Athletics Fee Schedule

Maui Athletics LLC provides the premier personalized online training experience and dietary consulting service overseen by Dr. Allan Bacon NASM-CPT. Plans are based on the most up-to-date scientific research principles in the fields of nutrition, athletics, supplementation, and exercise. Maui Athletics LLC includes Precision Nutrition certified support.

Training and Nutrition consulting services include a fully customized program, based on your needs, that oversees all aspects of your nutrition and training. All programs are tailored to you, as every person responds differently; generic training/nutrition templates are not the optimal way to achieve your health and fitness goals. All services include biweekly evaluations of progress with your coach, unlimited email access with a guaranteed 48-72 hour response time (except holidays), as well as program adjustments made based on personal needs, goals, and progress. Video analysis of form available upon request.


Clients may switch to a month-to-month payment plan (subject to current monthly rates) after their initial plan agreement is complete.

For Nutrition + Training Programs ONLY: After a period of 6 consecutive months, your monthly fee will receive a $75 reduction*. If services are canceled and resumed at any time, starting rates will re apply. *Reduction does not apply for any promotion related plans.

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