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Maui Athletics Personal Coaching

Maui Athletics offers your premier personalized online coaching experience designed to burn fat, build lean muscle, boost your strength, and improve your health without the stress!
Ditch the generic coaching templates that don’t account for your unique health and fitness journey.  Training and Nutrition services include a fully customized program, based on foods you like to eat and the way you prefer to train.  All programs are tailored to you and adjusted as you progress, to fit within your lifestyle.
All services include biweekly check-ins with your coach, unlimited email access with a guaranteed 48-72 hour response time, convenient iOS/Android Maui Athletics phone app support to make tracking on-the-go a breeze, as well as program adjustments based on personal needs, goals, and progress.  Video analysis of exercise form available upon request.
Fitness packages receive a professionally formulated, comprehensive mobility program that covers your dynamic warm-up, mobility, and pre-hab needs.  Stay supple and powerful for the rest of your life.
Nutrition packages receive the exclusive Maui Athletics Lifestyle Nutrition Guide e-book, a thorough crash course in all things nutrition.  Learn about optimizing your diet for performance and physique goals, proper ratios of foods, constructing meals, how to order when eating at restaurants, how to stay on track when on vacation, and much more.


*Note: A 4-week “cycle” represents 1 month for contract plan and payment purposes. Clients automatically switch to a cycle to cycle payment plan (subject to current rates) after their initial plan agreement is complete.

Complementary excursion guidance (hiking, kayaking, snorkeling) for comprehensive coaching clients who visit Maui.  Requires a 3 month or greater notice for planning purposes.  Note: this offer is not valid for Gym Affiliate package plans.

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