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Beth Bacon, NASM-CPT, USAW-1, PN1

Beth Bacon, NASM-CPT, USAW-1, PN1



Beth co-founded Maui Athletics after spending over a decade of her life heavily immersed in the health and fitness industry. As a former two-sport collegiate athlete, Beth found physique competitions a fun and challenging way to satisfy her competitive nature. Coach Beth is a certified nutrition coach, a previous National Level NPC Figure competitor, Regionals Qualifying Crossfit athlete, and is a national record holding Olympic Weightlifter.

Beth believes success comes from combining the best of many disciplines: bodybuilding, powerlifting, gymnastics, Olympic weightlifting, and metabolic conditioning. Truly leaving no stone unturned results in being a very well-rounded athlete. In her free time, Beth enjoys cooking, spending time with her husband and dog, reading, and searching Instagram for funny memes.

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