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Supplements for Stress and Anxiety

Supplements for Stress and Anxiety

The first steps to handling stress/anxiety in your life is to address them directly. Minimize them as best as possible: plan ahead, meditate, make sure you are getting enough sleep and quality nutrition.

Bacopa and Rhodiola are promising adaptogen supplements that may help as an adjunct to minimize overall stress and help with coping.

300mg of Bacopa or 288-680mg of Rhodiola are the clinically validated dosage ranges.



I recommend the KSM-66 extract for its potential broad range of benefits: stress reduction, energy and stamina, cardiovascular health, memory and cognition, and performance benefits such as strength and recovery. Sensoril is my secondary choice. Sensoril likely has a bit stronger stress reducing effect, but does not have some of the other health benefits of KSM-66. Dosages in research range from 500-1250mg.

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